Friday, July 3, 2009

Some things are American...

Look. I'll admit that some things are very American: Apple Pie, Fast Food, The Fourth of July... but everyone who says that Independence Day is strictly American aren't taking in the whole truth. It was an international blockbuster.

End of story.

Letters I've received disagreeing with me...

As I've been making this blog I've had several people write to me about it, saying that I am incorrect. They say things like:

"No, no, you don't get it. Independence Day is an American Holiday, not a blockbuster movie"

Well, I admit that watching it feels like a vacation... much like many movies... and Independence day is an American classic, but it is also a blockbuster movie. I have the numbers to prove it.

"Independence Day is the day we celebrate America's independence from colonial rule..."

Well, I think its fairly clear that we are saving humanity from alien rule. Please see Bill Pullman's speech below.

"Independence Day's moral was very patriotic and American... Bill Pullman's speech proves that... I disagree with your title."

Well, this is just plain wrong. But thank you for not calling the movie an "American Holiday" or anything.

19th highest, WORLD WIDE!

That's right! The movie is the 19th highest box office smash WORLD WIDE! This means that the entire world spent money to go out and see this movie. This is huge!

Several British film critics have declared that the movie is too cheesy, and some say that it is too patriotic, but to them I say that this movie is only half as American as Pride and Prejudice is British. And people world wide like pride and prejudice.

Independence Day is meant for an international audience. We are saving the world here people. Saving humanity. It's about humanity.

This speech pretty much proves it...

Look, do you hear what he's saying here? This part of the movie is so meta... he is willfully admitting that Independence Day is not just for Americans. It celebrates HUMANITY!

Why I'm creating this blog

I've heard people say time and time again that "Independence Day is strictly American" or "Independence Day is only celebrated by America" or "The rest of the world hates Independence Day." And to all that I say bullshit. Independence Day is a movie that has crossed over cultural boundaries, about the world united to destroy a global menace. And I have heard several oversea critics say that it is a celebrated movie, so to say it's only celebrated here is ridiculous.

So I'm making this blog as a sort of thesis to all you haters out there. I will prove that Independence Day is not just an "American Holiday," but a blockbuster movie that spans cultural boundaries to include everyone, regardless of nationality, race or color.